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“In any field I think it’s crucial to have a sense of community to share, discuss, debate, and create ideas.“

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CM: You have a unique style, how would you describe it and is it always evolving?

KH: My style is romantic, flirty, soft, uncomplicated, and colorful. Yes! I believe my style is ever evolving. I like to try different styles and trends to find what works for me. It’s fun to explore!

CM: Does your environment play a key role into you getting dressed? 

KH: Definitely. Living in Florida the past few years has made me explore color, material and pattern more. I think the warm weather is the most fun to get dressed in and for - flirty long dresses, linen, crop tops, and bright florals!


CM: As a child was there anyone that helped influence your style today?

KH: My mother. The photos I have of her when she was my age is always an inspiration. She wore simple silhouettes, lots of silk, gold jewelry and always had a nice manicure.  

CM: Being a creative, how important do you think finding a ‘community’ is?

KH: Extremely important. In any field I think it’s crucial to have a sense of community to share, discuss, debate, and create ideas. 

CM: When it comes to photography, what subjects do you enjoy photographing?

KH: Still life photography is my favorite. I love capturing the essence of a form or space. 

CM: How do you keep a creative mindset?

KH: A good attitude, night of sleep, thoughtful thinking and colleagues to bounce ideas off of.

CM: Are there any rituals that help you unwind after a tough work week? 

KH: Going outdoors and a nice face mask. 

CM: What future projects would you love to do?

KH: My boyfriend and I have been discussing ideas of starting our own business. I’m hoping to really hone in our visions and see where it leads us this year. 


Quick questions:

film or digital - film

showers or bubble baths - showers

sneakers or sandals - sandals

candles or incense - candles

am or pm - am

coffee or tea - coffee

interiors or exteriors - interiors

houseplants or succulents - houseplants

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