About the Label

Clan of Cro designer, Kendall Eckerd Falcon, is known for her balance in compositions, playful silhouettes & delicacy in detail. Her work is created for real expressive women, with boundless aspirations and an artful view of the world. Composed of transitional pieces that can live in a wardrobe from season to season, the label is brought to life by calculated craftsmanship, versatile design traits and implementing a sustainable approach in use of textiles, by sourcing luxury vintage and dead stock fabric from all over the United States.

Clan of Cro is not meant to be exclusive to one kind of woman, but accessible to women of different shapes, sizes, ages and income. Each piece is priced fairly so that those who identify with our clothing are able to collect those pieces they love without sacrificing their standards for ethical practices and clothing that is truly special.

The Clan of Cro vision is to adapt a slower form of fashion, to give clothing a longer life cycle. In order to preserve this unique quality, each collection is run as a limited edition. Each piece is meant to exist as real part of a woman's lifetime, to collect moments and stories, to exist beyond trend and continually evoke timeless sophistication.

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