Calling All Cro

Jumping into the new collection, Girlhood, we're running a new journal series along side it called Clan of Cro Women. We're covering anything from your artistic craft to stories of your girlhood. So whether you'd like to submit a specific project to be featured or would like to speak about art, style, feminism, culture or politics, the sky is the limit. We want to hear you and begin cultivating this community of women.

Kendall Eckerd
Frozen Sangria

For those of you who partake in drinking in Easter, we've whipped up a little concoction to make things a little extra festive on this colorful holiday. How else are you supposed to decorate eggs?

Kendall Eckerd
Spinach + Spice

I've been experimenting with this recipe for a few days and I finally got it down. It's the perfect blend of sweet, tart, fresh and spice. The recipe is fairly simple with ingredients you may already have. I've been making this in the mornings to try and replace breakfast and also get that kick of energy I need.

This can also quickly be transformed into just the right cocktail to kick off spring or a day in the sun. ALSO great for parties and events, this recipe is super easy to make a lot of with your blender or if you get hands on a margarita machine!

Kendall Eckerd